The Stepchange Recruitment Process Review provides an end to end analysis and evaluation of the current permanent recruitment process including:

  • General Staffing
  • Medical Staffing
  • Bank recruitment

Comparing the results with best practice and the latest statutory requirements provides the Trust with a comprehensive schedule of opportunities for improvements showing the potential for improving the time taken to recruit, quality and efficiencies, and reducing costs.

Reduction in time to recruit

The time taken to hire candidates in NHS Trusts varies considerably. The process review provides clear graphical reports illustrating the minimum, maximum and average time taken to complete each of the key stages of the process. Applying the recommendations to the process model demonstrates the reduction in time to recruit as a direct result of implementing the recommendations.

Business Case for Improvement

The business case for implementing the recommendations is divided into cashable and efficiency savings as well as other non-monetary improvements.   Cashable savings include the reduction in the cost of temporary staff hired to cover vacant posts as a result of the reduction in the time to recruit.   Efficiency savings are identified as the reduction in the time required from Hiring Managers, Human Resources and the Recruitment Team in managing the current recruitment process.
The annual direct cost of the current process is calculated from the process model and the savings, resulting from implementation of the recommendations, will include those which may be realised in the short term as well as those achieved through medium to long term programmed changes.

Management Information

The review will provides key metrics and performance indicators of the current process and the impact from implementation of the improvements including how the Trust can make the best use of technology to provide management reporting and information.


The detailed analysis and review of current and completed recruitment activity will reveal how well the current process complies with both Trust and Statutory policies as well as the consistency in handling of recruitment processes. Particular focus will be given to the new NHS Employment Check Standards 2008 and the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006.

Implementation programme

The structured workshops and interviews, used to capture and verify the processes, ensure that Recruitment and Human Resource Team members as well as key influencers are included in the review. Anecdotal information is tested against data and information captured during the review to test that the process model is an accurate representation of the real process. The resulting transparency helps to clarify the real impact of current policies and procedures and promotes participation in the design of the recommendations and the TO BE process. Consequently the Trust thereby ensures that all stakeholders are bought into the changes and are positive and enthusiastic in implementing the change management programme.

Rapid results

The structured programme makes best use of the valuable time provided by Executives, Hiring Managers and Recruitment Team participating in the review. The programme, based on Prince2 principles is designed specifically for the Recruitment Process Review and is project managed to deliver the outputs efficiently and in a short timeframe. This ensures that the momentum generated from the review is maintained with real benefits being rapidly achieved as a result.

Risk Mitigation

Utilising the iGrafx technology the recommendations are prototyped and tested using the simulation functionality ensuring that changes to policies, procedures and processes will, when effectively implemented, achieve the goals set out in the recommendations.


The process maps provide an excellent medium for training and guidance to Hiring Managers. They provide a medium for delivering initial training on the revised process as well as providing crisp updates to Hiring Managers as and when required on an ongoing basis.

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