Enabling NHS Trusts to meet the challenges of rising demand

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NHS Recruitment process


Review and analyse your Trust’s recruitment process. Benchmark your recruitment against the best performing Trusts. Practical recommendations to optimise your recruitment activity. Reduce average time to hire by 6 weeks.

Recruitment Management

System for the NHS

The only system designed to be tailored for your optimised recruitment process. Full ‘end to end’ process automation. Comprehensive reports to enable you to manage your process and enable Trust to meet the challenges of recruiting to the NHS.

NHS process optimisation

Designed to enable NHS Trusts to optimse their processes. Tried and tested tools & techniques Practical recommendations for process optimisation. Faster processes Release cashable savings Improve quality, reduce risk

Stepchange specialises in NHS process optimisation

Founded in 2007, Stepchange has completed over 50 projects to optimise NHS Trust corporate processes Our completed projects include all aspects of HR, Finance and Procurement The results demonstrate the benefits of our rapid, comprehensive and efficient programme Stepchange Recruitment Management System Configured to suppport your Trust’s optimised recruitment process Full end to end process automation NHS Jobs and ESR Attract best candidates with optimal use of social media integration Comprehensive reports and management information Release Trust resources to focus on the qualitative aspects of recruitment




Technology is only one element in optimising your recruitment process. The Stepchange programme is a holistic review, based on Lean techniques to enable your Trust to make the best use of your existing resources and technology including ESR and NHS Jobs.